We have (Develo // design) recently released a content slider (or carousel – what ever you want to call it!) as a plugin for jQuery.

Introducing Develo Slider, a lightweight, simple and easy to use content slider plugin for jQuery that uses CSS3 animations. If you would like to check it out, then DeveloSilder is available on GitHub.

Does the world really need another jQuery Content Slider Plugin?

There are hundreds of jQuery plugins out there, some are very good, and very powerful, others are needlessly bloated and difficult to work with. We wanted one that is very lightweight, used only CSS for animations, and had an api that we could work with on any web application.

Take a look over at the Develo Slider homepage for some examples and for the full documentation. I think a lot of it is self explanatory but I will be posting some quick tutorials on it in the future when I have a bit more time.