search engine optimisation for tennis rackets is a website designed specifically for Search Engine Optimisation purposes

4 years ago, using search engine optimisation techniques, I got the Maurice Robinson Sports website up to forth in the Google UK search for the keywords “tennis rackets”. This was a big achievement for me as I had just started out as a freelance website designer, and although I was confident I could get the site up the search engine rankings, I had no proof to back it up.

Obviously search engine optimisation is an ongoing commitment and 4 years is a long time to not be working on something! In that time the website has dropped from forth to the dreaded second page. However the website ranks very well with specific product searches, and the company is currently experiencing their largest visitor traffic, in their short 4 year history as an online retailer.

A Microsites Use In Search Engine Optimisation

Now in order to bridge the gap, and to try a boost the websites search engine traffic, I have created a microsite which specifically targets the keywords “tennis rackets” using the new domain

There are a lot of different opinions on the use of microsites in search engine optimisation. A lot of web gurus think that microsites are considered spammy by search engines, and as such will only hinder search engine results. However whilst randomly surfing the web once I stumbled across, a website which is owned and run by Barrington Sports, a hockey specialist. The website sits right at the top of Google for the search “hockey sticks” and obviously gives the company a lot of search engine traffic.

Using this model I am hoping to achieve the same results with Maurice Robinson Sports! Will post the results when I get enough data.