Adobe Edge is the first development tool (I am aware of) that allows you to create animations using HTML5, CCS3 and JavaScript. In the not to distant future, Adobe Edge could been seen as an real replacement for Flash within web based applications. You can download a trail Adobe Edge Preview 3 for free at Adobe labs’ website.

Adobe Edge First Impressions

For those of us familiar with other Adobe programs like After Effects, Premiere and Flash, then finding your way around Adobe Edge should be a breeze, it follows the same traditional Adobe layouts that most of us are already familiar with. Adobe Labs own website has some decent animation tutorials, that are designed to show off the software’s animation potential.

Adobe Edge Workarea

I haven’t had to long to play with Edge, however one initial criticism of the software, is that for some reason Adobe Edge does not seem to support object gradients! This does seem very strange to me, and I cannot understand why it will be omitted from the core functionality when it is released in 2012.